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12 May 2016

Quiet study spaces at Clayton

To help you find a space that works for your study style, we’ve compiled a list of available alternative work areas at Clayton. 

As we approach the end of semester one and the beginning of the Swot Vac and exam period, we understand there is an increased need for quiet study spaces on campus. 

While our Sir Louis Matheson Library on the Clayton campus offers a range of study spaces to suit different work preferences, we appreciate that current refurbishment works and increased demand during this period can make finding a study space more difficult. 

We've made extra seating available at the Law and Hargrave-Andrew libraries. The two libraries will be open from 10am to 5pm on weekends from 21 May until 19 June.

In addition, Hargrave-Andrew Library will be open until 2am Monday to Thursday beginning 30 May until 23 June. 

Clayton campus study spaces may be viewed on the Clayton campus map (PDF, 0.25 MB)

You may also want to check out 'More study spaces opened at Caulfield'.

Additional study spaces are also available at our other campus libraries. These include:
Berwick Library (120 spaces)
Peninsula Library (250 spaces)
CL Butchers Pharmacy Library at Parkville (120 spaces)

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29 July 2015

Places to study on the Clayton and Caulfield campuses

The refurbishment of the Sir Louis Matheson Library and Caulfield Library are underway and will be completed by the end of 2016. Both libraries will remain open throughout, although some sections will be closed as construction progresses. 

The airport lounge at the Campus Centre at Clayton
At the Matheson Library, staff have temporarily redeployed furniture to other areas of the library to minimise the reduction in seating. Additional seating is now available on the ground level around the Research and Learning point, on Level 1 in the former Document Delivery area, on Level 5 General Collection and Level 2 Journal Collection. 

The Hargrave-Andrew Library and Law Library on the Clayton campus have additional seating available for students seeking a quiet spot to study over the refurbishment period.

Alternative study spaces have also been made available:
  • The airport lounge on Level 1 of the Campus Centre -- From 10 August, the Campus Centre will be open until midnight Monday-Friday.
  • The new IT Lab (Base Lab) in the Campus Centre will be open throughout semester.
  • The Monash Sport café area -- Monash Sport is open until 10pm.

Watch the video for more information on places to study on the Clayton campus.

At Caulfield Library, the heavy demolition as part of Stage 1 of the refurbishment finished last week, and lighter demolition and other works will occur for the next several weeks.

External pedestrian paths have changed for which wayfinding signage is in place. Disability access to the library is via the lift in Building B and across the Level 2 walkway. 

The student kitchen on Level 2 will close this weekend due to the refurbishment, and a new one will open in room B228 on Monday 10 August. Please note that you can also heat your food in the student kitchens in the S2 student lounge and in room T125A.

Alternative study spaces on the Caulfield campus are being considered and will be announced shortly.

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